Monday, November 18, 2019

Lonely for a guy

Hi everyone 

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile . I was a bit down but I'm doing ok.

It seems like all work lately is all.

For all my exciting and true sexual encounters with men ( good or bad) that I talk about in my posts, I have not been laid in months.

It's frustating .

I need a sweet guy to make be feel girly again.

Most are jerks .

If you are lucky enough to be a sissy or a transgirl and  charm him with your smile ( and your pussy *Wink*)   

Keep him.

Why stray or hookup with another guy, if he's a sweet gentleman?

I wish I was getting some sweet cock lately...Attached to a fairly nice looking man.

Lately it's just been my vibrator and me...

I'm chatting with a few guys in the hopes of company... Most have been jerks honestly...

If any of you girls are getting laid out there, let me know. Send me your story and I will publish it. 

Even  a close "encounter" you may have had......



  1. Hey, great to see you back.

    Only thing laid in the past 3 years or more around here are those little white things in the refrigerator....

    1. I know what you… Ive laid myself with my rubber dong a few times, but its not as comfortable nor as sweet as the real thing ! I'm working hard to change that though!

    2. ...well, to be honest, I wasn't counting a toy or two....

  2. Hi Fiona.. Thank you...Yes, still here and I totally get it *giggle*

    I've chatted with a few on OkCupid but that's about it so far lately!

  3. My wife is getting laid from a good friend of ours. I encouraged it because I can't give her what she needs sexually. Everything else in our marriage is great. We do lot of things together and are always together except when she needs cock.

    1. That is so sweet! It's so thoughtful of you to be sure her needs and desires are taken care of by your friend. I'm sure he appreciates it.