Friday, June 28, 2019

Thoughts of a past boyfriend part 3

    After that first night together we began to see each other whenever our schedules allowed. 
Usually one of us would text or call the other just to say hi, and if neither of us were busy we would get together as we had done before. 

    He would usually come over to my house in the late afternoon or early evening.Sometimes we would watch a movie or just hang out and listen to music, talk, play a board game, and share our day and thoughts with each other.  He would spend the night  and leave about 8 am on the mornings that either, or both of us had work or things to do, unless it was on a weekend. 

      He was older than me  as I mentioned, and about 61 at the time and  I was 35  ( about 2 years together at that point)  He was able to retire early due to him being in the military  and smart investing, where he now spent much of his time involved in a few non profit endevors which he enjoyed, giving his time to help others. One was raising money to help disabled children, and the other involved helping the elderly with health care and things like their electric or heating bills in the Winter or finding someone to fix their furnace and  seeing that they had groceries and good food to eat. This was one of the things about him that I found quite endearing, and probably one of the  reasons I fell for him. He was a decent and giving man and I grew very fond of him. I wouldn't say he was wealthy, but fairly well off  and he had a lot of time to devote to the things he was involved with.

I became more comfortable getting out as Franni with his continued encouragement  but it was still difficult for me. Usually it was when we went out of town for a dinner or a drive sightseeing for the day to a few of the many places in Virginia.  A few times we went to the parks where we would go for long walks together or have a picnic when the weather was nice. This didn't bother me as much even though it was during the day, because we were not sitting in a restaurant where people had the time to take notice of me. Most paid me no mind at all, although I do remember getting a few looks a time or two. I always dressed age appropriate though, and properly for where we were going.  I did find out however that wigs are quite uncomfortable during the Summer !  A few times I  didn't wear one, or wore one of my short wigs that was more comfortable!

   I really enjoyed spending time with him and loved the way he kissed me! 

     By now, I was also getting fucked by him a few times a week or more and he had basically "broken me in"  because there was little if any pain unless he tried to fuck me in a different position that I wasn't use to.  Usually missionary with a pillow under my back and the "doggy" position were the most comfortable for me since his lovely black cock wasn't too big and fit inside my pussy perfectly.

      Some evenings I just wore my pajamas or panties to bed, and other times one of my babydoll nighties, but I loved  the whole  ritual of getting ready at bedtime....Making sure I smelled pretty, douching my pussy well, and putting on     
something sexy to wear whenever possible to entice him.  I  became completely addicted to how it felt and it was always on my mind whenever we were apart. I also liked the warm feeling of his cum leaking out of my pussy for much of the day after he left.  A sweet reminder of our time together. I started wearing Stayfree pads so that my panties would stay dry!                                                            

  He could be assertive, but he was always considerate of my feelings and that he wasn't being too rough with me, but at times I really enjoyed a good pounding until he exploded inside me. Nothing made me feel more complete, knowing that I was giving him pleasure as a woman would.  It made me a little sore at times, but I was always willing to give him what he needed.                                                  

    One evening he invited me over to his house and we had dinner. After dinner he told me he had something to say and wanted to know what I thought.  He told me that he loved me and he liked the way things were going between us, that he would like  to be in a relationship with me, or as much of a relationship as we could possibly have, seeing as I wasn't "out" at the time.  He told me he was thinking of having me move in with him, ( IF I wanted to)  BUT there were some things that I would have to agree to.

    A few of the things we went over were, since he was the man of the house that he had the final say in things. He told me that it had always been that way in his last marriage and it was just the way he was . He believed in traditional roles and values. The man is suppose to lead, and the woman was expected to follow.  I could have an opinion of course, and he would consider it, but he had the final say in all matters. 


    It was also his house, so anything pertaining to the house  I felt that I had no "say so" in anyway and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  My obligation was to contribute 600.00 a month which I felt was very reasonable and less than half of  what I was paying for rent where I lived. 

    He also enjoyed cooking and was very good at it, but I agreed to cook at times. ( usually breakfast ) It was my responsibility as his live in girlfriend to keep the house clean in all the usual ways,  and to do all the laundry and dishes, which I accepted.  I would also do the grocery shopping most of the time.  I keep a spotless house anyway, so I didn't feel any of this was an issue for me, although Ill admit even though I fold and hang up clothes when they come out of the dryer, it really isn't my favorite thing to do, but it needs to be done.

          I told him that I loved him too, but I had a few concerns. My biggest being how was this going to look to my family and his, as well as the neighbors?  I wasn't out to my family at this point yet ( I'm now out to most of my family and a few male and female friends but that's all) 

    He explained I would appear as a male  roommate to family and friends. I would have my own separate room but it would be more for show than anything else, since he and I would be sharing his master bedroom together.

    Needless to say I accepted his offer as well as my new role but I had to wait because even though I was on a month-to-month rent at my house, I felt it was only right to give my landlord a months notice so that he could find a new renter to take my place.

    It couldn't come fast enough and I felt like a little kid anxiously awaiting Christmas day! 
When it  finally did, he helped me move most of my things into a storage unit and I moved in with him. 

    From there I adapted quickly into my new role as his girlfriend and settled into what I can only describe as domestic bliss.  I was so happy with my new life and wondered where it was leading me. Was this the beginning of my "coming out?"

                        I honestly had no idea, all I knew was that I was in love.  





  1. So how did YOU change? If you were living essentially as a man's live in girlfriend/wife, did you have trouble pretending to be a man when you went out alone? I would have to imagine the mindset change... I'd imagine you lived femme at home all the time

    1. Hi Fiona!

      I felt I had changed at this point accepting who I am and my sexuality. I had been with a few men before this time and I was still able to separate being a male to "switching" into my female side when we started dating. As time went on, the lines became blurred. I liked it, but it honestly scared me. Work was the only place I presented as my male self. I have only been out alone a few times before, but with Danny I felt safe. I'm currently not seeing anyone but chatting with a few men. I live as a woman outside of work. It's wonderful and amazing "letting go" with a man who treats you right, making him feel like he's the most important thing in the world....The downside? Wishing beyond words to be in that place,but being scared when it happens. Part of this I might explain in my next post...Thanks Fiona and I hope I answered your questions and you are well!