Thursday, January 3, 2019

My life lately

                       Well, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Mine was very relaxing, with Christmas Eve being spent at home with a few close friends and  family members. It was a pretty casual affair and we steamed  a few pounds of shrimp. I had different kinds of cheeses, crackers, pepperoni , prosciutto, ect. and of course candy and chocolate to snack on, along with many other things to numerous to mention!

Much alcohol was consumed  but it was mostly beer,along with the occasional bowlful of good pot, but it was actually a very tame Christmas Eve. No loud music, just good conversation and catching up on each others lives. 

We did however watch a Christmas movie  "The Christmas Chronicles"with Kurt Russell, that was on Netflix which we had heard so much about...It was pretty good actually, and one of the best newer Christmas movies I had seen in awhile. If you haven't seen it yet, you should give it a try !

Christmas day was spent at my mothers house, with additional family members and a few friends as well. Its not all same family members or friends as at my house on Christmas Eve, they're much more conservative and  it being my mothers house, there is no alcohol, and definitely nothing else!  

 She use to do a big dinner in her formal dining room with the complete works and the fine china and silver, but it gets to be too much for her, even with everyone helping. That being said, its was a buffet with different foods and we used paper plates instead of china which was just fine with everyone. Even so, there were still a lot  of dishes and pots and pans to do since it was all cooked and set in serving dishes for everyone.

                                      Everyone chipped in to clean up, including yours truly. 

I tend to wind up in the kitchen with all the other women helping to cook, clean up,or just sitting at the kitchen table with them.  It's not a conscious decision it's just where I naturally wind up, as I have since I was about 12 years old and I  feel more comfortable around the women, especially at family gatherings.  Only my mother and a few close family members know of my need to present as a female. The others ( I'm pretty sure) think I'm gay or see me as a feminine acting male. That being said, I did not present as female around them, which would have upset my mother. I just felt like "one of the women" around them and enjoy the conversations we have together.

It was great catching with everyone and we all opened up gifts afterwards followed by dessert with a wonderful cheesecake which was to die for!  It was yummy!

                                      I didn't get too many "girly" things for Christmas. 

I did however get a very cute bra and panty set and some nice scented body wash which I really like from Robert which came as a total surprise! I had last seen him in late September and mentioned him in my post titled "Fall is here!"  I thought he wasn't interested anymore but I guess I was wrong.

The gifts were delivered to my door by UPS the first week of December and I had no idea what to expect when I opened it up. A Christmas card from him arrived separately in the mail a day or so after.  In the card he apologized for "being an ass" and said "This is all new to me" and that he would really like to see me again, but understood if I had moved on. The last line in the card said "Call me" and he gave me his number again.

I mulled it over for two days and decided to give him a call , figuring "Why not?, Ill give him another chance" He said he was so glad to hear from me and  he apologized again. I thanked him for the gifts and told him that it was very sweet. We talked for about an hour and  planned a date for the following evening at 8.

The next evening about 6, I figured two hours would be plenty of time to get ready.
I showered with the body wash be gave me, douched well and shaved my legs . I wore my new bra and panty set . ( Its black and sheer with lace)I  did my makeup and wore a knee length black dress, with white tights and black flats and I wore a light body spray.  

s time grew closer to 8pm, I was so nervous and excited! Just the thought of him aroused me and I really was looking forward to spending time with him again.

He called me just before 8 as I was finishing up and said he was about 15 minutes away...

"Good" I thought, "I have time to drink a glass of wine and have a cigarette to calm me down a little before he gets here!" Even so, I kept checking my hair and makeup in the mirror and then chewed on a few Tic Tac mints just before he pulled up in my driveway. (Even though I smoke occasionally, I'm very picky about the smell and having bad breath.)

I greeted him at the door and invited him in.

He gave me a hug and he had a bottle of white wine with him.  He was dressed sharp and looked really nice, he wasn't wearing a suit or anything, just a nice pair of slacks, a white shirt and a tie, but he looked real handsome! …. And I'm thinking, "wow, this guy is really trying to impress me, along with the card and the gifts!" 

Standing in the kitchen, ( My back door opens to the kitchen) I got a few wine glasses out and a corkscrew for the wine and he took over , kissing me on the cheek and taking the corkscrew from me to open the wine. It was a simple gesture really, but it really made me feel nice and thought it was a bit chivalrous of him to take over.

While he was opening the wine, I sat at the kitchen table and made small talk with him, asking him about his day, ect. The kitchen lit by the light over the stove and a scented candle on the table. Not too dark, but not bright either- a nice soft light.

He poured the wine and gave me a glass and sat down at the table with me. We talked more and he complimented me on how pretty I looked, and went on more to explain why he got a little scared off before. I told him that I understood and I wasn't offended. I giggled and told him  "Well, it's not everyday you meet a girl like me!" …. "Don't worry about it" I added. 
He chuckled too and said, "Thanks for understanding , I really like you and I think you're a sweet woman"  ..Again, "Wow!" I thought to myself... "Its nice to be called a woman again" 

 We talked more about work, how we were doing, and just about everything. 

I knew he was trying to pour on the charm, but I  honestly found his approach cute, if that makes sense. I was a bit taken with it.   Maybe he was sincere, or maybe he just wanted to get into my panties one more time. I wasn't sure. 

I thought I would make him work for it, even though I wanted him inside me again.

I wanted us to do "the dance"....That little game that men and women play( Especially the woman) where you flirt, play with your hair, giggle at what he says, and don't let him get to far with you at first, playing a little hard to get. It's a very heady experience knowing a man wants you but playing this little game.... And so I did for a little while.

I got up to put some things away on the kitchen counter though, and he got up after a few minutes putting his arms around me from behind and started kissing me gently on the neck. It gave  me "goose bumps" but I giggled and told him to stop and after a few minutes I suggested we go to the living room.

We talked a bit more and he poured us another glass of wine while I decided to put on some music and sat down next to him on the couch. The wine relaxed me and we continued our conversation while he kissed me gently on and off.  I continued to talk the whole time, even though his kisses were turning me on, but I did my best not to let it show. When he would kiss me on the neck though,his whiskers would tickle me, making me giggle now and then.

I was loving all the attention he was giving me and the wine helped me relax, since I had been so nervous earlier. 

I told him when we arranged our date over the phone that I might be nervous since it had been awhile. I also think this nervousness played a part in "The Dance" or game I was playing with him even though I had every intention of having my legs wrapped around him later that evening. 

I'm always nervous though, for many reasons no matter if its someone I've been with before or not. Its just how I am.  I worry about how I look, what I say, if it will hurt having anal intercourse with him this time, and most of all, if I will be able to please him as his girl. To make him happy and keep him coming back.  Its not all about sex with me, I really enjoy the company of a good gentleman and what leads up to, and completes a wonderful evening. Giving a man sexual pleasure and receiving it, is the  "icing on the cake" its not the whole cake. 

I could see his slacks had a bulge in them though, and I couldn't help it. I placed my hand in his lap and began lightly stroking his cock through his slacks as we kissed and I straddled him on the couch after unzipping his pants . All we did was kiss for a while while I playfully pulled on his cock.

I wanted to go change into something sexy. one of my babydoll nighties or something  and then take him to my room,but I didn't want to interrupt what we had started. I was ready for him to take me right there on the couch and so I reached into my purse and grabbed my bottle of poppers.

My little "game" was over and I was about to become his sweet little bitch. It was what we both wanted. He needed to cum inside me, and I needed it too.

 He helped me out of my tights while I was still straddling him.  I moved my panties to the side, took a long "whiff" of the poppers and guided his hard cock into me. It hurt at first but we fumbled for a minute and  got into a nice rhythm with him holding my waist while I rode his wonderful cock.

He came inside me hard and he spent the night with me, kissing me before he left. We are still dating and I will let you all how it goes but I  could fall in love with him. 

We have been together three times since then. I let him know last night that I  was free but didn't hear back yet, I  really think Ive found a great guy!


  1. Sounds like he was intrigued by the transgender woman, then freaked out over the transgender part. Eventually he missed the woman.... and now he's back. Encouraging he spent the night the second time.... hopefully you found a boyfriend.

    1. Yes Fiona, that was the reason why. I think many guys get caught up in the whole fantasy of it, until it comes down to meeting a girl like us. From my earlier posts you can also see that a guy will want to see me once or twice, then "ghost" out on me after getting what they want. I do like this guy a lot and hope he will stick around but I will see I guess

    2. This one came back, and seems to regret running... he's not treating you as a booty call.

      I think he is seeing you as a woman... and leaving the transgender part out. At least I hope so

  2. So far so good. We saw each other a few evenings ago and watched a movie together and made love again. He didn't stay the night which was my choice since I was a little tired and had to get up early. I'm not holding my breath. but I guess you could say I'm "Cautiously optimistic"