Thursday, January 3, 2019

My life lately

                       Well, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Mine was very relaxing, with Christmas Eve being spent at home with a few close friends and  family members. It was a pretty casual affair and we steamed  a few pounds of shrimp. I had different kinds of cheeses, crackers, pepperoni , prosciutto, ect. and of course candy and chocolate to snack on, along with many other things to numerous to mention!

Much alcohol was consumed  but it was mostly beer,along with the occasional bowlful of good pot, but it was actually a very tame Christmas Eve. No loud music, just good conversation and catching up on each others lives. 

We did however watch a Christmas movie  "The Christmas Chronicles"with Kurt Russell, that was on Netflix which we had heard so much about...It was pretty good actually, and one of the best newer Christmas movies I had seen in awhile. If you haven't seen it yet, you should give it a try !

Christmas day was spent at my mothers house, with additional family members and a few friends as well. Its not all same family members or friends as at my house on Christmas Eve, they're much more conservative and  it being my mothers house, there is no alcohol, and definitely nothing else!  

 She use to do a big dinner in her formal dining room with the complete works and the fine china and silver, but it gets to be too much for her, even with everyone helping. That being said, its was a buffet with different foods and we used paper plates instead of china which was just fine with everyone. Even so, there were still a lot  of dishes and pots and pans to do since it was all cooked and set in serving dishes for everyone.

                                      Everyone chipped in to clean up, including yours truly. 

I tend to wind up in the kitchen with all the other women helping to cook, clean up,or just sitting at the kitchen table with them.  It's not a conscious decision it's just where I naturally wind up, as I have since I was about 12 years old and I  feel more comfortable around the women, especially at family gatherings.  Only my mother and a few close family members know of my need to present as a female. The others ( I'm pretty sure) think I'm gay or see me as a feminine acting male. That being said, I did not present as female around them, which would have upset my mother. I just felt like "one of the women" around them and enjoy the conversations we have together.

It was great catching with everyone and we all opened up gifts afterwards followed by dessert with a wonderful cheesecake which was to die for!  It was yummy!

                                      I didn't get too many "girly" things for Christmas. 

I did however get a very cute bra and panty set and some nice scented body wash which I really like from Robert which came as a total surprise! I had last seen him in late September and mentioned him in my post titled "Fall is here!"  I thought he wasn't interested anymore but I guess I was wrong.

The gifts were delivered to my door by UPS the first week of December and I had no idea what to expect when I opened it up. A Christmas card from him arrived separately in the mail a day or so after.  In the card he apologized for "being an ass" and said "This is all new to me" and that he would really like to see me again, but understood if I had moved on. The last line in the card said "Call me" and he gave me his number again.

I mulled it over for two days and decided to give him a call , figuring "Why not?, Ill give him another chance" He said he was so glad to hear from me and  he apologized again. I thanked him for the gifts and told him that it was very sweet. We talked for about an hour and  planned a date for the following evening at 8.

The next evening about 6, I figured two hours would be plenty of time to get ready.
I showered with the body wash be gave me, douched well and shaved my legs . I wore my new bra and panty set . ( Its black and sheer with lace)I  did my makeup and wore a knee length black dress, with white tights and black flats and I wore a light body spray.  

s time grew closer to 8pm, I was so nervous and excited! Just the thought of him aroused me and I really was looking forward to spending time with him again.

He called me just before 8 as I was finishing up and said he was about 15 minutes away...

"Good" I thought, "I have time to drink a glass of wine and have a cigarette to calm me down a little before he gets here!" Even so, I kept checking my hair and makeup in the mirror and then chewed on a few Tic Tac mints just before he pulled up in my driveway. (Even though I smoke occasionally, I'm very picky about the smell and having bad breath.)

I greeted him at the door and invited him in.

He gave me a hug and he had a bottle of white wine with him.  He was dressed sharp and looked really nice, he wasn't wearing a suit or anything, just a nice pair of slacks, a white shirt and a tie, but he looked real handsome! …. And I'm thinking, "wow, this guy is really trying to impress me, along with the card and the gifts!" 

Standing in the kitchen, ( My back door opens to the kitchen) I got a few wine glasses out and a corkscrew for the wine and he took over , kissing me on the cheek and taking the corkscrew from me to open the wine. It was a simple gesture really, but it really made me feel nice and thought it was a bit chivalrous of him to take over.

While he was opening the wine, I sat at the kitchen table and made small talk with him, asking him about his day, ect. The kitchen lit by the light over the stove and a scented candle on the table. Not too dark, but not bright either- a nice soft light.

He poured the wine and gave me a glass and sat down at the table with me. We talked more and he complimented me on how pretty I looked, and went on more to explain why he got a little scared off before. I told him that I understood and I wasn't offended. I giggled and told him  "Well, it's not everyday you meet a girl like me!" …. "Don't worry about it" I added. 
He chuckled too and said, "Thanks for understanding , I really like you and I think you're a sweet woman"  ..Again, "Wow!" I thought to myself... "Its nice to be called a woman again" 

 We talked more about work, how we were doing, and just about everything. 

I knew he was trying to pour on the charm, but I  honestly found his approach cute, if that makes sense. I was a bit taken with it.   Maybe he was sincere, or maybe he just wanted to get into my panties one more time. I wasn't sure. 

I thought I would make him work for it, even though I wanted him inside me again.

I wanted us to do "the dance"....That little game that men and women play( Especially the woman) where you flirt, play with your hair, giggle at what he says, and don't let him get to far with you at first, playing a little hard to get. It's a very heady experience knowing a man wants you but playing this little game.... And so I did for a little while.

I got up to put some things away on the kitchen counter though, and he got up after a few minutes putting his arms around me from behind and started kissing me gently on the neck. It gave  me "goose bumps" but I giggled and told him to stop and after a few minutes I suggested we go to the living room.

We talked a bit more and he poured us another glass of wine while I decided to put on some music and sat down next to him on the couch. The wine relaxed me and we continued our conversation while he kissed me gently on and off.  I continued to talk the whole time, even though his kisses were turning me on, but I did my best not to let it show. When he would kiss me on the neck though,his whiskers would tickle me, making me giggle now and then.

I was loving all the attention he was giving me and the wine helped me relax, since I had been so nervous earlier. 

I told him when we arranged our date over the phone that I might be nervous since it had been awhile. I also think this nervousness played a part in "The Dance" or game I was playing with him even though I had every intention of having my legs wrapped around him later that evening. 

I'm always nervous though, for many reasons no matter if its someone I've been with before or not. Its just how I am.  I worry about how I look, what I say, if it will hurt having anal intercourse with him this time, and most of all, if I will be able to please him as his girl. To make him happy and keep him coming back.  Its not all about sex with me, I really enjoy the company of a good gentleman and what leads up to, and completes a wonderful evening. Giving a man sexual pleasure and receiving it, is the  "icing on the cake" its not the whole cake. 

I could see his slacks had a bulge in them though, and I couldn't help it. I placed my hand in his lap and began lightly stroking his cock through his slacks as we kissed and I straddled him on the couch after unzipping his pants . All we did was kiss for a while while I playfully pulled on his cock.

I wanted to go change into something sexy. one of my babydoll nighties or something  and then take him to my room,but I didn't want to interrupt what we had started. I was ready for him to take me right there on the couch and so I reached into my purse and grabbed my bottle of poppers.

My little "game" was over and I was about to become his sweet little bitch. It was what we both wanted. He needed to cum inside me, and I needed it too.

 He helped me out of my tights while I was still straddling him.  I moved my panties to the side, took a long "whiff" of the poppers and guided his hard cock into me. It hurt at first but we fumbled for a minute and  got into a nice rhythm with him holding my waist while I rode his wonderful cock.

He came inside me hard and he spent the night with me, kissing me before he left. We are still dating and I will let you all how it goes but I  could fall in love with him. 

We have been together three times since then. I let him know last night that I  was free but didn't hear back yet, I  really think Ive found a great guy!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Helpful Hints On How To Be a Girl and feel more feminine

I thought I would take the time to talk about the simple things ANY girl can do to make her feel good about herself.

Not every part of this may apply to you.

 You may not be where I am in terms of what YOU are comfortable with. These are just things that I do daily or often, to feel nice. Most of it comes naturally to me. Other things are tried and learned, and a girl never stops learning, so here goes.....


                                                                    Love yourself first.

                                                    Love the fact that you are not perfect. 

Forget the hot girl on the TV or in the magazine and be proud of who you are. Even most genetic women don't look like models, and you don't need to either. If you have ever noticed, most women that are  even considered unattractive ( by our unrealistic views on what is attractive) are confident, smile, and comfortable with who they are. Not all, but most.
A girl with a good attitude who knows how to smile and is confident is FAR more attractive ( at least to me) than a woman who doesn't . 

                                                                       Being "passable"

I loath this word and the use of it , especially by men, as some standard to be judged by. If somehow, not being "passable" makes us less of a girl.  Contrary to what many think, MOST of us ( me included) are not.  Age and genetics make us who we are. Its up to US to  make the most of it and it doesn't define who we are as an individual. Strive to look and feel  pretty in whatever style you choose but don't feel you don't "measure up" as a girl because you're not passable. Trust me, it will drive you crazy and I spent many years beating myself up over it.


Shave your legs, under your arms, and everywhere else a woman does. 

This also includes your chest, arms, ect. ….Anywhere you have hair. Luckily, I usually only have my legs, bottom, and face to worry about, but I shave them daily. I  have to go over the rest every  week or so, but staying smooth is the number ONE thing for me that I do to feel good, even if I'm the only one who sees it.  

Its also important to keep them smooth in between with a good quality lotion. If you start to shave and have never done it before, you will find that it is a wonderful feeling, especially afterwards slipping on a pair of hose, leggings, or even the feel of the sheets on them while going to bed. 

   There are many YouTube videos and "how to's" online on this subject and it would take too much space to go over here, as well as the following subjects, but keep in mind that "Google" is your friend !

                                                  Get a pedicure and paint your toenails.

                                                               Pick colors that you like. 

I go for light Pinks or Reds usually, but will also do "seasonal" colors, like green, yellow and blue for Spring and Summer, or Orange , bright Red, or Beige for Fall or Winter.  There are many others that nice too, and so "glittery".and can be worn year around ! When doing them yourself for the first few times, you will make mistakes, so keep an old towel, paper towel, and nail polish remover with you when you do them to catch any drips. It took me a few years to be good at it, but what I found is not to have too much nail polish on the brush for a cleaner job.

                                       Wear panties at all times...Or as often as you can.

                                                It is important as a girl to wear panties!

If you remember, its probably one of the first girly things you experimented with and there's a reason for it. Its the one article of female clothing that most connects us to our feminine self.
What's nice is that they can be worn under your yucky male clothes along with the other two "girly" things mentioned earlier.

They come in many styles as shown here, as well as many colors and many with lace, which I love!

                                         Wear press-on nails or grow your nails longer!

I always wear my nails in a French manicure, as shown in the first picture. 
It's just the style I prefer, and to me they  look very natural and feminine. I even get compliments on them from my women friends and even from guys when dating. I've worn the other ones shown too, and my second choice are the ones shown on the far left...So pretty!

I use to be able to find the ones that " peel and stick" but don't know if  KISS makes them anymore, or if Target just doesn't carry them anymore, which is where I shop, although other stores might carry them. They come with a tube of glue, which is basically "crazy glue" . The glue type can be difficult to remove, but soaking them in nail polish remover for a few minutes usually does the trick. I don't mind though, and they last for a long while!

Read womens magazines.

Once again, don't feel like you have to look as good as the women in the magazines.

Read the articles, makeup and fashion tips, and other things in them. My favorites are Allure and Vogue, but I also enjoy Womens Day and even Good Housekeeping and Country Living. I like Brides magazine too, they have such pretty dresses in them.

I tend to daydream, looking at all the pretty wedding dresses and ideas in them, wondering what it would be like to get married to a handsome gentleman while wearing these beautiful dresses!

Experiment with makeup

I'd say I'm very advanced now with my makeup skills since I've been wearing it for many years, however, a good place to start is with lipstick or lip gloss and foundation. Again there are many makeup videos on the internet to help you. Once you get comfortable you can go on to eye liner, mascara, ect. ...and of course  shave very well first! 

Don't get discouraged if  you mess up. I still do, and I'm constantly reading and watching videos to improve my skills! You never stop learning!

Shower with a nice smelling womens shower gel or body wash. 

I use the Caress Daily Silk shown above but they have LOTS of other ones to choose from. 
It really smells nice and leaves your skin soft....I love it!

Get friendly with other  genetic women and share yourself with them.

Do you know any women who might be able to accept you as another one of the "girls?"

This one isn't easy, especially if you're not fully "out". 
For me, I would say it was one of the hardest things to do. It can be difficult to know how they will react and if they will accept you. 

 I'm not talking about  a girlfriend if you have one. If its a girlfriend I would use extreme caution, as most women want a man not a crossdresser or someone who considers themselves Trans.
I'm speaking of  genetic women as friends only. 

Perhaps its a woman you have known for many years who you consider open minded, or she's quite liberal in her views.  You don't have to come right out with it if you are not sure. Maybe you can make an offhand or casual comment on how you saw someone who is trans, or a crossdresser, or how you read an article on something. Gauge her reaction and go from there.

You may even try meeting women online for friendship. Just be upfront with them on how you feel, maybe tell them that you could also use makeup and clothing tips. Just be clear that you want friendship with them and not sex. I met two women this way and Im still friends with one of them and have been for almost 20 years! A few others I had known for a long time and just took a chance. Out of probably 9 or 10 women I told, only one of them was "weirded out" by it, but even so we are still friends!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post, and will try to post again very soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hello Everyone


This blog post is sort of a recap, or repost....

Let me explain...

 Before starting this blog post, I went back to a draft of mine to finish where I left off. 
I hadn't gotten very far with it, so I figured I would delete it and start fresh. When I tried to delete it, I discovered I had accidently deleted my last blog post...INSTEAD of the draft! 


Not a big deal really.

If you were one of the 66 or so that happened to read it, ( according to the number of reads my post got)  I felt it sounded like a " broken record" anyway.  I was just talking about the date I had with a gentleman who turned out to be jerk towards the end of our date, making me suck his cock instead of making love to me, which left me both pissed off and hurt....So hurt that I cried after he left and had to use my rubber dong to climax with instead!

                             I guess I just needed to vent about it, but my feelings were hurt, because he initially came across as this sweet guy, well dressed, and polite....He even brought a nice bottle of wine. Looking back, I think that he had never been with a girl like me before, even though he claimed he had. For that, I have forgiven him, but I wanted to be made love to...Not used and dismissed. 

Ive been chatting with a few guys as well as one who has fucked me before . We exchanged a few emails earlier and I told him to give me a call but haven't heard from him. He was the one who had messaged me first, so hopefully he is still interested. 

In the meantime, Ill stay warm watching a movie with warm socks and scented candles..


Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall is here!

                                                               So...Fall is here!

Where did the time go?

In my last post, I was talking about my trip to the beach,which unfortunately was the only trip I made this Summer, due to work and the fact that it can be a bit expensive, even if  you "slum it and                                                                  stay at a Comfort                                                                                                                       

Its been a hot and humid Summer anyway, and seemed to rain all the time here.

 Just recently we even had the threat of hurricane Florence heading this way with everyone buying up generators, propane, water, batteries, ect. As it turned out, the storm took a detour and all we got out of it was a lot of rain, which I'm thankful for!

All that extra working over the Summer has paid off though. I've  managed to save almost two thousand dollars, bought a new car ( Well, almost new) treated myself to dinner a few times, and even bought some new clothes and lots of new makeup! 

I love Target as you might have heard me mention before and they have recently changed their stores around, at least here. 

The whole layout in the store is different, especially in the womens department. Jewelry is now with the clothing, and not in a separate section. They also have a better selection of bra and panty sets as well as nice dresses, handbags and shoes! I discovered this when going there to pick up a few groceries and to look at some new necklaces. In doing so, the new dresses and shoes caught my eye. I almost bought them right there, but decided to think it over....So a few days later, I looked at the same items online and bought them!

Here is the dress and shoes I bought. My order was ready the next day, and went to pick them up!

I wasn't sure that the color of the pumps would go with the dress, since the dress is Blue, so I  looked it up. The color Lilac actually does go with Blue!

Here is a picture of me wearing them and the dress..

(The bottom picture is also the new picture in my profile.)

                                       ….And just a small sampling of my new makeup...

The pumps and dress fit me perfectly. 

They had a few other colors and of course black, but I have a number of black shoes and wanted a bit of color...Something different and pretty. Also the ELF primer in the makeup pic is illuminating, which is suppose to give off a nice glow after you put foundation over it. I haven't tried it yet, and in my day to day dressing I use a basic primer and foundation, so Im very anxious to try it out.

In my social and private life, things the last few months have been a bit dull, although there were a few exciting moments.

 Janice has been spending more time with a new guy she is seeing, and Lisa and her guy have moved to a different part of the state about 60 miles away. This means I haven't been able to share any time with them for a girls night or even a simple lunch or shopping trip, so it leaves me a little "bummed out"

Robert ,who I had mentioned in my June post, only saw me one other time.
 He fucked me good one evening after we had arranged to meet . I answered the door about 930 wearing my purple babydoll nightie as a surprise for him. We almost immediately began kissing...

I rubbed his cock through his pants and continued to kiss him while playfully undoing his belt ... 

And without a word, but a shy smile , I got on my knees and began to give him a blowjob. He was so hard and  I kept sucking on his wonderful cock while looking up at him, batting my eyelashes, all the while making eye contact.( As I mentioned in an earlier post, I get really turned on doing this!)

There's something about  being on my knees pleasuring a man that caters to my inner need to be submissive to him.  It takes my breath away and  fills me with great joy. I  feel very  feminine and desirable sucking a handsome mans cock and I'm in my happy place.   

I would tease him by stopping now and then, and we would kiss, then Id go right back to sucking his cock but I wanted more and could tell he did too. Neither of us could take much more and I was afraid if I kept going, he would cum in my mouth...I wanted it in my pussy instead. 

I suggested we go to my bedroom.

My bedroom was lit with a few scented candles that I lit shortly before he arrived ,as it was the last time he was over. Its something that I like to do. It smells nice and gives off a romantic vibe.

I playfully unbuttoned his shirt and he took it off ,while I ran my nails gently through his chest hair. He took off his pants and held me from behind while we were standing. I liked letting him feel he was in control of the situation, like I do most times with a man, letting him kiss me on the neck and behind my ears, and feeling his hard manhood pressing against my sweet bottom, knowing that he will soon be taking me and filling me with his seed. 

I took his cock and moved my panties to one side, rubbing it against my freshly douched and lubed hole to tease him a bit, and then got on the bed in the "doggy" position. I handed him the bottle of lube ( even though I was already lubed) , spread my knees apart wide and hiked my ass up to be more accessible  for him to enter me.

No sooner had he lubed up ,when he went all the way up in me!


It hurt for about 15 seconds and was a sharp pain! It was soon replaced with pleasure though and he now had me pinned down on the bed , fucking me good. I could tell this was not going to be some gentle lovemaking session, but a good hard fuck and I was along for the ride!

I could feel the intensity building, his shaft going in and out of my sweet hole while I moaned and whimpered like a schoolgirl taking her first cock.... And it felt wonderful!

Then, he let out a loud groan, almost shouting when he did it...Releasing his balls and shooting his hot cum deep into me. 

He needed to release all that stress into me, and that was what I need too. I think it lasted about 10 minutes or more, but I wasn't sure since I lost track of time. 

We cuddled a bit, but he didn't spend the night and left shortly after, giving me a kiss and saying goodbye.  I never did see him again, but at least he was man enough to send me a message later, thanking me for a wonderful evening. He explained that he had never been with a girl like me before, but found me very attractive and wanted to see what I was all about.....I guess he did and I had no hard feelings that he just wanted to fuck me.

 His semen leaked out of me later that night, and most of the next day so bad that I needed to wear a Stayfree pad to keep my panties dry....A reminder of  our night together.

So, that's my newest encounter and that's been about 3 weeks ago.
As far as David who I was chatting with, I quickly lost interest in him, since he could never seem to be free, but Ive got 6 messages on my OkCupid profile.....Perhaps one of them will be able to satisfy my hunger soon!

Monday, July 30, 2018


                                                                   Hi everyone!

                                              I hope you all are enjoying the Summer!

It has been hot and humid, but if it was 20 degrees we would complain too...Wouldn't we?...LOL

Not, me though.
    I LOVE the hot weather. Its my excuse to be sure my legs are shaved baby smooth, wear shorts or a Summer dress, and sandals....Or perhaps my black one-piece swimsuit.

Mine is this exact same one, and I may have shown it before in one of my earlier posts.
Its sold by WalMart under the brand Catalina. There may be other versions of this one in different colors, but Im not sure. I am looking at a new swimsuits too, but LOVE this one!
Its basic and shows off your curves, the only drawback is being sure to "tuck" well before wearing it.

                              Well, anyway...I was able to get to the beach for an overnight stay!

                      It was wonderful, and I was able to get out ( at least partially) as Franni! 

 I went with a girlfriend of mine to Virginia beach ( my idea)and  we went the last week of June.  
    Her name is Janice, and we are simply friends, nothing more. I had not seen her in a while so I thought it might be nice to go to the beach.

Traffic getting there was bad at times and it rained hard much of the way there, which had us worried that our few days there would turn out to be bad. We kept a positive attitude though and were determined to have fun no matter what! 
We arrived about 11 am and since it was too early to check in, we spent a few hours walking, looking at the shops and having lunch. The weather was a mix of sun and light showers on and off, but was pretty good for the most part and we were able to check in about 2pm. 
   The room was very nice with an ocean view from our balcony. It had a hot tub next to the balcony door with glass around it, so we could look at the ocean while in the tub....Very nice! 
After checking in, we went back out to walk on the beach and to a few small shops again and finished the day off at a nice Seafood restaurant where we could dine outside near the water. The food was delicious. We had shrimp, clams, and  crab legs...Yummy!

At this point, It was still daylight and I was still in drab "boy mode" and a bit shy about walking around dressed. My friend teased me a little about it, but encouraged me to dress and go back out with her after we got back to our room.   After talking about it for a minute, I figured  "Why not?" and I agreed. She seemed thrilled at the idea and suggested I wear a simple basic Summer outfit and later, if I felt up to it, to walk on the beach with her in my black one piece swimsuit and she would wear hers.

   I had brought two outfits with me, plus my swimsuit just in case, and so after a few wine coolers...3 decided to get dressed. I wore my floral pattern shorts with a cream colored blouse, sandals, and of course a few pieces of jewelry, my hair and makeup.  They're actually one of my favorite pairs of shorts and they are almost exactly like these here, except I wore a belt with them...

                                      I was finishing up and my friend said I looked great! 
This really boosted my confidence and made me feel good inside . She also is envious of my slender shape and that I have nice legs and thighs, which she comments on from time to time. Pretty much like the girl in the picture here.  Envious of me? She's a nice looking cis woman...Im envious of  Janice has a few pounds, but not what I would call fat..A little chunky in the middle but super cute. I wished I looked as good as her!

 So anyhoo,  we're finally ready,and out the door we go! 

There were a lot of people out, but not as crowded as Ive seen it before, maybe because everyone thought the weather would be bad. Still, I was a bit nervous since I had not been out in public since my ex boyfriend and I were together.  
   We stopped in a few shops to look around,and then to a bar where we had a drink while sitting at one of the tables outside.  I think I might have been "read" a few times, but nothing negative happened.  I even got a few smiles and looks from a few men  while we were walking which made me blush and gave me a strange "tingly" feeling all over. 
   It was early evening but still sunny out, so we went back to the room and changed into our swimsuits for a walk on the beach.  I wore my black one piece and Janice wore a blue and white one piece swimsuit. I  made extra sure to "tuck" very well so that I would look smooth in front, without  my "boy parts" showing . It didn't take us long and we were soon on the elevator heading down. 
   Once we were on the beach I was a bit more relaxed, since there wasn't a lot of people like there was along the strip.  Its hard to describe how freeing it felt to just be myself. We walked quite a ways  down the beach and talked along the way.  I felt  more and more confident as time went on. My swimsuit fit me well and I liked that it showed off my slender smooth legs and my round bottom. My toes were painted in a light blue coral color...Perfect for Summer. 
   Occasionally a lone person or couple would walk past us but I rarely would make eye contact with them. At one point three younger women walked past us and giggled after they went by. They could have been giggling about anything, but thought I might have been read again, but  I really didn't care. I was enjoying the hell out of it!  There was also a few times where a man, or a group of two or three men would walk by. Mostly they either didn't say anything or seem to look, but a few times we would get a smile or hello.  It was kinda nice being checked out my the men. Janice enjoyed it too.
    One time was quite interesting.... A rather handsome man walked by us. He looked to be about 35 with dark hair and was quite muscular with a few tattoos. He was wearing what looked like black Speedos and you could clearly see his lovely bulge. After he walked by, Janice and I looked at each other and said "Wow...did you see that?"  " Omg, I wouldn't kick him out of bed!" Said Janice. " Me either, Id suck him off until he was dry!" I exclaimed. "Janice giggled and said "You slut !"...We giggled and then turned around to look at him again. When we did, we saw that HE was checking US out! 
    We ended the day by getting a pizza and then relaxing in the hot tub and out on the balcony, with a cold drink, listening to the sound of the ocean. In the morning we checked out of our room and had omlettes for breakfast at a local, very popular restaurant.  
                          It was a short stay, but hope to go back as soon as I can!

Monday, June 18, 2018


Hi all!

I'm sorry I've been so bad about posting lately!

I've finally had some alone time the last few weeks which has been very relaxing.
Its been nice since its gotten warmer outside too, so that I can slip into shorts or a summer dress after shaving my legs and relax on the patio with a drink in the evening. I find it very soothing where I can just be alone with my thoughts at times.

 Work has kept me busy lately, but I was finally able to land a date about a week or so ago.
  He was actually a man that I had met before off CL and he messaged me. We had tried many times to reconnect this last month, but each time, our schedules wouldn't match up. 

As I had mentioned earlier, I have a profile on OkCupid but so far most of my messages have been creepy, or guys who seem to want to play games. Either that or their profile has nothing about them. 

One man sent me his number straight away and wanted to chat . He had NOTHING in his profile, not EVEN a picture of himself. It was some picture of a building...WTF?  I should have just ignored the message, but sent him a message explaining that I prefer to hear a little about a man first, see a picture and THEN talk before deciding to meet, and thought I was quite generous telling me about myself and the type of girl I was.

"Well, I'm a nice guy" was his reply.    WOW, was all I could think...That really tells me soooo much about you!  I want us to get together this minute! ...UGH!

I explained again that I needed a bit more than that to feel comfortable about meeting, but was soon accused of playing "Little baby games" as he called it.  It continued with a few more emails ( I had stupidly given him my email address ) accusing me of "Bullshitting" him and escalated with him calling me a "Fag in a dress" as well as several other choice comments.

Needless to say I blocked this loser, but I just don't understand where their mind is at. I guess its what they call "Trolling"...They seem to be looking for trouble or to start an argument, and this is not the first time it's happened...LOSERS!

One other guy who messaged me was only interested in feet, and I started to talk about him too, but deleted it, because I guess I'm getting off the subject...LOL

So I finally got to hook up with the guy I had met once before. I may have mentioned him in one of my previous posts.  His name is Robert. He's  in his late 50s, white, and in real nice shape for his age. Salt and pepper hair. He's a GREAT kisser , with a cock about  7"  and not too thick, which I LOVE. 

It put me at ease because we had already met before, so I took my time deciding what to wear.

I took a nice bath and made sure I shaved my legs good, applying lotion to them afterwards. I also douched my pussy well, since I was sure we might be having sex. I chose to dress casual, in black leggings, flats and a black and white polka-dotted blouse. I did my foundation, concealer as usual, with light blush and a white glittery eye shadow. I wasn't sure about the eye shadow at first, since this is the first time I used this shade, but I went light with it, and thought it looked pretty good. I finished with my mascara, eyeliner, and a light pink lipstick.

He arrived here about 8 as I was finishing up and I greeted him at the door. He brought some beer to drink and we sat in the living room and made small talk while trying to decide what movie to watch. While looking over the movies on Netflix, he held me which felt so nice!

We finally decided on a movie. It was some offbeat romantic comedy, and to be honest, I cant remember the name of it now. It didn't matter because after a few minutes,he kissed me.

I LOVE how he kisses!

Not too hard, not too soft, but just right is the only way I can describe it. It felt so natural and I started kissing him back and it wasn't long before we were making out.
                                                               I was in HEAVEN !

We stopped in between kissing to have our drink or cuddle a little bit, but we were soon making out like before. His hands wandered up my blouse and he was playing with my nipples and fumbling with the hooks on my bra, trying to undo it. I reached back, unhooked it, and pulled it out of my blouse while still leaving my blouse on.   He gently played with my nipples while still kissing me  passionately.                                                                                                                      

I was enjoying every single minute of this and I could tell he was too because I noticed the bulge in his pants and I started caressing it through his pants.   After a few minutes ,he put both hands around my rear and then slipped them under my panties and was rubbing my butt and I unzipped his pants and began slowly stroking his lovely cock. It felt so good and just like I           remembered  !                                                                                                                                        

I felt so light headed and euphoric stroking him while we were kissing, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. I wanted to take him in my mouth and pleasure him to show him just how much I loved his manhood, so I got down on my knees between his legs while he sat on the couch. He gasped, and I looked up at him and smiled while I began sucking his cock. I love eye contact when giving a man a blow job and it turns me on seeing his reaction...

I looked up at him while sucking his beautiful cock, and asked him in a sweet voice if he wanted to go to the bedroom, but that I wanted to change into something cute for him first. He said  "Yes, I would love to. I want to get inside that sweet little ass of yours" . I told him I would be a few minutes and let him know when I was ready . ( This is what I usually do before going into the bedroom as you might know from reading my past      I quickly went into the bedroom to change into my sheer pink Victorias Secret babydoll and then to the bathroom to douche my pussy again so that I was extra fresh for his cock and after a few minutes came out to the living room ... "Wow, you look lovely!" He exclaimed.  I thanked him and took him by the hand, leading him to my bedroom.                                                                                            

  I lit a candle on my dresser and while we were standing holding each other, I  unbuttoned his shirt while kissing his hairy chest. The mix of his cologne and sweat smelled wonderful, but I couldn't resist and got on my knees and made eye contact with him again while sucking on his    beautiful cock.   It was now fully erect .                                                                                               

He told me to lay down on the bed and I knew it was  time for us to fuck,so I handed him the lube and told him to use it when he needed it, but to go slow at first.   I laid down on my back ( I LOVE missionary!) and put a large pillow under my lower back so that he could enter me easily. He was now standing between my legs while I was lying down. He lubed up his cock and I guided him into my pussy. It was uncomfortable at first, ( always is) but he was very gentle .After a minute or two he began to pump my pussy and I wrapped my legs around his back to hold him deep inside me.    
I swear I took every sweet inch of his cock and could feel nothing but his balls when I reached down to play with them, all 7 inches were deep inside me and it honestly didn't hurt at all!  He was wonderful!!                                                                                                                                    

We switched and he fucked me doggy. It was nice for a bit and made me feel very submissive and under his control....

 …..but became uncomfortable after a while, so we switched back   
He would slide out of me now and then, but would go right back in me deep. Sometimes I would reach up to kiss him and he would kiss me back, but he never stopped the sweet rhythm of his hips moving back and forth, all the while calling me a "sweetheart" or  a "sweet angel" . I was over the moon and hearing that made me feel so special while he was giving his cock to me.. You girls that are sexually active with men know exactly what I mean!                                           

   He told me he was going to cum soon and said he wanted to fuck me in the doggy position again. I was too turned on to care and I got on all fours for him . He was fucking me good, while holding on to my hips.  It was such a mix of pleasure and pain, yet even the pain was wonderful. I was begging him to cum in me. I needed to embrace the ultimate side of my femininity and to feel complete again.  Taking a mans semen inside me is a beautiful thing and something that I truly treasure. Its hard to put into words, but it just feels right and it makes me feel warm all over.                                                                                                                                                      

                                               Then It happened.    

 He tensed up and let out a groan, and about the same time, I felt that warm, wet feeling of his semen filling my pussy.  

                                   I finally got what I had been wanting again for so long!    We cuddled and kissed a little afterwards  and then he took a shower while I put on my PJs. We sat for a few minutes and then he had to leave, so we kissed each other goodbye. 

I hope I will see him again soon, but trying not to get my hopes up on one guy anymore, so we will see I guess. In the meantime, I am chatting with a man named David too, but we haven't met yet.   If we meet and hit it off, I might allow him to fuck me too.